Wednesday, September 6, 2017

More Afognak

this is a picture of all of us hiking with bruster walking along

This is just a short post of showing you part of what I was doing at afognak. Hiking,playing games,making forts, reading,drawing, and lots of other stuff! I'm just going to right a caption on all of my pictures today. We also played the beach olympics its where we divide into two teams and play a bunch of games at the end we see who won the most games wins.

this is a picture of lars throwing a ball into a basket

this is a picture of me playing back gammon

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hanging with Lars

Yesterday I went to Lipset point at Afognak with my sister and my dad and some friends of mine we had a great time! When lars and I got to lipset point we had a pinecone fight with our slingshots. It was just like a nerfgun fight!And the pinecones didn't hurt at all exept the hard ones. The funnest thing lars and I probably did was build this awesome fort!

It was below this cliff that you have to climb down to get to. You will see a picture of it down below. Later on we added tons of moss but later the whole fort got washed away because of a gigantic storm.         Lars and I could sleep in it but our dads wouldn't let us because the forecast said the next day it would be stormy out. And the forecast was right!!! The next day we had to stay in our tents the whole darn day! Lars and I played color ku for most of it though.

But then the next day when we hopped out of our tent my sister (Nora) told us that our fort got demolished and washed away! It was de best fort iv made! Lars and I were sooo MAD. And my sister was right it did get demolished! We had hashbrowns and potatoes for breakfast. I was freezing that morning! Two hours later we left for back bay. Lars, me, ilsa, and lars's mom all left early for the hike because lars was sick that day. Then when we got to graveyard point the others took of to catch up(Nora,Ray,and patrick). Then when we got to back bay the floatplane came and Lars, ilsa, julie, and Nora took off.

Ray patrick and I stayed there and skipped rocks and because I stayed back I got a whole back of mint mm's. So I'm happy I stayed back.Forty five minutes later dad ray and I left for kodiak. THE END.Stuey.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Lawn Care

 Yesterday I mowed the lawn with sound proof headphones because it was super loud. It was fun mowing the lawn though. I just can't explain why its fun. I hope I do it again! Have a nice day! stuey.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Beach

Today I went to mill bay beach with my dad and my sister. We walked to another beach too. It was very sunny out too! Bees! If I could take anything out of this world it would be bees. One stung me too. So then we went home. I suggest you should go too mill bay at low tides and when its sunny. Have a nice day! stuey.

This a picture of the rocks.

This is a picture of the beach

This is a picture of the people kayaking 

This is a picture of me :)

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Pyramid Circuit with Dad

Hello! Again remember me? Any way today dad is going on a Audubon hike with nineteen people! Counting me! In the picture I'm the one with the light blue jacket. Today I am going up pyramid mountain with dad's crew. And going down the long way behind the mountain to the golf corse. It was surprisingly fun! At one point I was twenty minutes ahead of the others!

It was hard for dad though because every one was going at different speeds. So dad couldn't see who was with him or not. At one point while we were going down the ravine we took a lunch brake so we stopped. But all my dad had was caveman bars so I passed. I like caveman bars but I don't like eating a lot of them. The trail down the ravine wasn't that obvious though. When I got to the golf corse I was sooo tired! I'm happy no one dropped anything! One more thing I suggest you should go on the trail we went on. It was a super good trail.

This is a picture of the stream with the delicious water

this is a picture of the mountains

this is a picture of moss campion 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Into the Canyon

Today I'm going to Upper Buskin River its a place on the way to permid. The snow on the river is great. But you have to skii or walk (or other moving things) to get there. I went skiing with my dad and bruster, tank, and Sheba. And the skiing there is great I think you should try this place out one time.

It was very sunny so it was a nice time to go there. And I went through a canyon too. Well hope you have a nice day!!!, stuey

this is a picture of me skiing

Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring Break

 A while ago I went to Alyeska. It was sooo fun! Zeke and Uncle Dickie went too. Nora dad and I stayed at a hotel. And Zeke and Uncle Dickie stayed at a house. There was a swimming pool, candy, restaurants, and alot more stuff!

At the start of the trip Nora dad and I took lessons at Hilltop but then we switched and drove a long way to Alyeska. The picture up there is at Alyeska. My favorite part of the trip was skiing down the mountain and going to switzerland (a restaurant). I went up the mountain about thirty times! Thats just about all I can tell you about Alyeska. Bye!

This is a picture of zeke nora and I looking out the window of the lift

this is a picture of me. nora, uncle dickie and zeke skiing down the mountain